In this plant, steel sheet that has changed physical features after process of Cold Rolling, described as full-hard (hard and fragile), exposed in a thermal treatment in accordance with annealing recipes to obtain desired quality features.

Coils are annealed with the heat that generated from natural gas in a pure hydrogen gas atmosphere. Annealing process, eliminate the internal strain on steel sheet that generated during cold rolling and provide re-crystallization. Annealing takes time approximately for
50 hours and approximately 100 ton can be annealed in each base of annealing furnace during this period.

Technical Features
Procudtion Capacity (120.000 ton / year) - (200.000 ton/year production capacity enlargement is ready)
Producible Materials CQ, DDQ, EDDQ, HSLA
Number of annealing bases 10
Number of furnaces 5
Number of cooling towers 5