In the second half of 2014, Color coating Line with the latest technology in the world has reached the target quality goal in a very short term, TATMETAL,expands PPGI awareness and activity in the market and the market share every day.

 The feedbacks from different sectors and products, about the offered Color coated products on the market, are the most important driving force to tatmetal in the creation of alternative markets.

 TATMETAL 's integrated structure and manufacturing a wide range of products due to have more flexible to customers in painted sheet metal manufacturing, providing the opportunity to provide service with faster and more cost-effective.
The approach aims to be a partner with an understanding of their customers and TATMETAL; dreams into force continues to make a difference.

The main prepainted galvanized steel users are corrugated sheets, trapezoidal sheets, sandwich panel, compozid panel, prefabric buildings, metal buildings, ceiling, garage door and shutter producers.

Different sectors has different aesthetic and qulity expectations and TATMETAL with large product range contains wood, granite, different patterns and wrinkle pattens outside of the construction industry also serves to FURNITURE ACCESSORIES AND METAL INDUSTRY.

In this sector polyster (PE) , PUR, PUR-PA , PVDF , TEXTURE POLYSTER, HDPE , HB , HB-PUR - WRINKLE paint types is being used and Galvanized (HDG), Aliminium (ALU), SST, Shine Aliminium materials are being coated in every kind of color.

Again addressed within sectors WHITE GOODS INDUSTRY with the leading firms, special painted and coated steel sheet applications successful results obtained, the sector to meet the different expectations of their higher value added products, the possibility to offer lower costs also engendered and has opened the door to a long-term business partnerships.

ETP, AL (PP), Enamel on metal such as CRS, Epoxy, Phenolic, ILC, PP ILC types of paint are applied, this sector is seen as a market where growing demand occurs.

Also PACKAGING INDUSTRY as another application field that is strongly used in the different qualities of painted sheet emerges, first place; barrels, cans, canning lids and boxes are used in the production of similar products.

ETP, AL (PP), Enamel on metal such as CRS, Epoxy, Phenolic, ILC, PP ILC types of paint are applied, this sector is seen as a market where growing demand occurs.

Besides, TATMETAL supplies own raw material standart prepainted galvanized steel products and own production special products, the mill can provide coating contract manufacturing.



Color Coateble Metals
Electro Galvaniz
Tin (CR ve SN Coated)
Color Coateble Metals Sizes
Thickness: 0.20 –1.20 mm
Width: 800 mm –1.300 mm
Input Coil Details
ID: 508 mm-600 mm
OD: min. 850 mm –max. 2.100 mm
Weight: max. 25 ton
Output Coil Details
ID: 508 mm-600 mm
OD: min.850 mm –max. 1.500 mm
Weight : max. 10 ton
Line Speed
Nominal: 100 metre / minute
Target: 120 metre / minute
Production Capacity (For 0.5 x 1200 mm ve 100 m/d)
Per year: 150.000 mton
Per Hour: 28.26 ton
Production Hour: 5958 hour / year (%75 production rate)
Product Types
Prepainted Metal (Roll or Sheet)
Film Laminated Metal (Roll or Sheet)
Protectible Film Prepainteand laminated (Roll or Sheet)
Target customer Groups
In this unit products’ Paint thickness, color and brightness values, resistance values against chemicals, resistance to cracking during bending, resistance to rapid deformation, deep drawing, sticking resistance are tested and analyzed according to the EN 13523 standard.
Appliable Paint
Standart Polyester PE
Super Polyester SPE or HPE
Poliüretan PU
Poliüretan Polyamid PUPA (PURPA)
Plastisol PVC
EpoksiFenolik EPF
Polyester PE
Poliüretan PU
Akrilik ACR
Back Coat
Epoksi EPX
Epoksi Polyester EPP
Düz (Solid)
Sedef (Pearl)
Buruşuk (Wrinkle)
Gofraj (Embossed)
Ağaç, Mermer,Bakır,Paslanmaz vb.(Designed)
Tekstüre (Textured/Portakal,Toz Boya vb.)
Appliable Thickness
PE–HPE-15-20 mikron(Tek Kat) max 50 mikron(İki Kat)
PVDF-15-20 mikron(Tek Kat) max 50 mikron(İki Kat)
PUPA-15-20 mikron(Tek Kat)max 50 mikron(İki kat)
PVC-100-200 mikron(Tek Kat)