TATMETAL, as one of Turkey's leading flat steel producer, produces under TATÇELİK brand name, primarily in construction, Automotive Industry, White Goods, including the heating and cooling sector offers the use of many different sectors.

Manufacturing plants with the latest technology are put into operation by 100% domestic capital.

With more than 50 countries, it has been moving quickly and surely to become a world brand with its exports.

In addition to providing the foreign currency earnings from exports, provides that employment with the district and national development TATMETAL continues to contribute, as well as social responsibility projects mainly local youth to the training of people to continue on working for the development.

Experienced human resources with the principle for meeting the maximum level of customer expectations TATMETAL, in the field of Steel Service Centers in three distinct platform end-user demand in cutting, slitting and shaping (Trapeze, corrugated, ridge) carries out its operations.

With wide range of products and extensive sales organization, TATMETAL, as business partner and co-development, the needs of target customers growth under TATÇELİK brand name can fulfill their own products that perform the production, possession in stock, if needs, of other domestic and foreign manufacturers with flat steel products.
With this structure TATMETAL, contributes to the cooperative customer activities with minimum stock cost. In addition to the production and sales offices in Ereğli well as sales offices in Istanbul, Bursa and by shortening the distances, relations are sure to make a strong and powerful.

High quality objective, customer satisfaction and continues the activities with understanding, after sales service TATMETAL also it has always been a technical support to the customers.

Highly conscious and selective steel customers, and increasing per capital steel consumption, customer satisfaction is located at the beginning of Tatmetal’s priority and all TATMETAL family to serve this understanding and conviction are trying to COLOR and FLAVOR add to your life.