The material cleans in alkali cleaning line and coating procedure is applied in continous galvanizing line and coated on desired amount.  Logo, oiling passivation and annealing procedures are extra and will be applied according to the customer’s preferences.

Hot Dip  Continous Galvanizing Mill  
 Production capacity : 300.000 tons / year
- Thickness of material : 0.20 - 2.00 mm
- Coil width (min-max) : 800-1250 mm
Coating Thickness (both surface) : 80 - 300 gr/m²
Oiling (both surface): 0,50 - 2 gr/m²

LINE EQUIPMENTS Welding Machine: Used to combine rolls.
Cleaning Unit: Used to clean iron dust and Rolling oil on the material after Cold Rolling.
Furnace: Used for annealing the material to bring the desired properties.
Zinc Melting Pot: Induction heated pot that is part of the material coated with zinc.
Air Knife: Adjusts the amount of zinc coating by blowing air to the steel.
X Ray Gauging Meter: A device that measures the amount of coating along the width of the coil and sheet.
Temper: Zinc coated steel rolling with low elongation and surface pressure. Sheet of the homogenized mechanical properties (the flow of irregular remedied) and is part of the hair roughness given.
Straightening Strecht: Sheet surface flatness system.
Passivation unit: The system allows the active zinc in the sheet surface passivation by chemical means against the formation of white rust.
Logo machine: Sheet metal surface treatment (logo)equipment.
Electroststic Oiler: Oils the sheet surface according to corossion.


EN 10142  EN 10327  DIN 17162/1  JIS 3302  ASTM A653-95
    St01Z   CD
DX 51 D+Z FeP02 G+Z St02Z SPCC LFQ
DX 52 D+Z FeP03 G+Z St03Z SPCD1 DQ


EN 10147  EN 10326  DIN 17162/2  JIS 3102  ASTM A653-95 
S220GD+Z S220GD+Z     SQ-Grade 230
S250GD+Z S250GD+Z StE 250-2Z SGC 340 SQ-Grade 255
S280GD+Z S280GD+Z StE 280-2Z SGC 400 SQ-Grade 275
S320GD+Z S320GD+Z StE 320-2Z SGC 440  
S350GD+Z S350GD+Z StE 320-2Z SGC 490 SQ-Grade 340